Kate Middleton Look-Alike Heidi Agan Turns Heads in England

As the topless photo scandal surrounding Kate Middleton continues to swirl, with a fifth publication releasing the photos this week, the Duchess of Cambridge may be wishing it was this woman in her place instead.

She is Heidi Agan, a mother of two from Corby, Northamptonshire, England, who has ditched her waitressing job for a full-time gig as a Kate Middleton look-alike.

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The tall brunette, who at age 32 is two years older than Middleton, got so many stares and whispers of "that's her" while waitressing at a Frankie & Benny's restaurant near her hometown that she decided to see how far her near-royal looks could take her.

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In February, she joined the London-based Susan Scott Lookalikes agency and now commands more than $1,000 per appearance. She travels with a collection of the most memorable outfits worn by the Duchess, whose every fashion hit and miss, mostly hits, has been tracked since the day she and Prince William became engaged nearly two years ago.

Agan looks like a dead-ringer for Middleton in the blue Issa dress Middleton wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement in 2010 and in a replica of the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress Middleton wore on her wedding day.

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Even Agan's 3-year-old daughter, Abigail, notices the resemblance.

"When my daughter sees her [Middleton] in a magazine she points and says, 'There you are mummy,'" Agan said, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

Agan said her Middleton job is "really fun" and better-paying than waitressing.

As for the topless photos shot while Middleton vacationed with Prince William at a private chateau in France, and which Middleton learned of last week while the royal couple was touring through Asia for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Agan expressed sympathy.

"I felt really bad for Kate when the photos were published as she was on a private trip with her husband," she said, as reported by the Daily Mail. "If someone had done that to me I would go to the police. … It's a terrible invasion of their privacy."

And don't expect Agan to model THAT Middleton look.

"I haven't been asked to go topless on any of the jobs yet - and I certainly wouldn't do it because I'm a mum of two!" she said.

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