Kristin Chenoweth Still Recovering From 'The Good Wife' Accident

VIDEO: Actress reveals her traumatic experience on "Life With Kelly and Michael."

(John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images)

You'd never know from her bubbly demeanor on "Live! With Kelly and Michael" Friday that Kristin Chenoweth is still suffering from injuries she sustained in July on the set of CBS' "The Good Wife."

In her first interview since the accident, Chenoweth opened up about what exactly happened.

"Basically, a big lighting thing, CBS said (it) fell on me, but it's also attached to medal rods," Chenoweth said on 'Live!.' "So that fell, and it hit me, knocked me out, knocked me in the face then slammed me down to the ground."

Chenoweth, 44, was unable to return to work after the accident and she is still feeling the effects today.

"The back of my head got hit on a curb. I was out cold. I have a skull fracture, a rib issue and a neck issue and a hip issue. I'm just issue-ridden," she said with a laugh.

The accident not only caused Chenoweth physical injury, but mental as well. The actress described how she struggled forming sentences and remembering words.

But despite Chenoweth's injuries, she remains positive.

"You know, there's still some pain and issues, but I just feel so blessed and lucky and grateful because it could have been a lot worse," she said.

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