Tanning Mom Blames Fall On Late Hours, Low Iron

VIDEO: Patricia Krentcil blames late hours, not eating meat as reason for her fall during drag show.

"Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil has an explanation for why she fell last month at a drag show: because it was late and she doesn't eat meat.

The New Jersey mother, who was accused of allowing her child to use a tanning bed, told British talk show "This Morning" on Wednesday that she fell on the red carpet outside New York City's XL Club because her "iron is low - I don't eat meat - and I go to bed at 8:30 and the show started at 10 so that was way off my limits."

On Aug. 29, Krentcil was caught on tape displaying some overzealous behavior while being roasted at a drag show at XL Club. She was reportedly so drunk at the event that the performers had to take her off the stage, the New York Post reported.

But Krentcil said not only were the late hours and the low iron to blame, but a head injury she received when she was younger which, she said, affects her equilibrium.

"I fall everywhere," she told the British talk show.

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