Can Michael Phelps Crowd Surf Like He Swims?

When swimming legend Michael Phelps announced that he was retiring from Olympic competition after this summer's London games many wondered what the 27-year-old would do with the rest of his young life.

Now we know one thing the most decorated athlete in Olympic history can take off his possible career list, professional crowd surfer.

Phelps, the owner of 22 Olympic swimming medals, did not hesitate to dive into a crowd while partying at the XS nightclub in Las Vegas last week.

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The only problem? The crowd did hesitate to hold him up.

Video of the crowd surfing fail was captured early last Tuesday morning by fellow clubgoer Kylene Jennings, of Fairfax, Va., and posted on the website

Jennings told Phelps' fellow partiers just couldn't quite hold up the 6-foot-4-inch, 185-pound legend as he gamely jumped in a life raft with the club's DJ, Steve Aoki.

"The way people were holding it they just weren't holding Phelps enough and he fell pretty quickly," she said. "It just didn't work out. His side of the raft just wasn't supported."

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Jennings, 27, at the club with her sister, said Phelps spent most of the night in the club's VIP area with bodyguards and a female friend, whom she could not confirm was his rumored love, 25-year-old model Megan Rossee. When he came out by the stage, the crowd erupted.

"When Phelps came up and everybody just went wild," she said. "Everybody was screaming.

Despite Phelps' fall after only surfing for about 300 feet, the megastar maintained a good attitude, according to Jennings, and was not seriously injured.

"People were high-fiving him and touching him on the back but he got out of there as quickly as he could because security was pulling him out," she said. "He was smiling about it. He was a good sport. He thought it was funny."

A rep for Phelps had not returned a request for comment as of this writing.

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