'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars' Week 4: Louis Van Amstel on Surprise Dances

" Dancing With the Stars" pro Louis van Amstel blogs on season 15 of "DWTS." The three-time world dance champion and creator of LaBlast fitness-based dance DVD workouts returns for his eighth season and takes you behind the scenes on the hit ABC show. You can find him on Twitter @LouisvanAmstel.

Last week was scary! Being in jeopardy of elimination or one of the couples at the bottom of the leader board is so nerve-wracking. My partner, Sabrina Bryan, and I were literally having a heart attack up there. But we survived last week's elimination and are so looking forward to this week's surprise dance.

The producers keep throwing curve balls our way. Somehow we all like it because it keeps it fresh and unexpected and makes the results show more interesting. Also, I think it's nice for you guys at home to see our reactions on the spot. Wasn't it fun to see what dance we chose for each other? I expected more competitive and strategic choices, but in the end everyone tried to pick a dance which would actually suit the couple.

In our case we had to choose a dance for Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. As soon as our 10 seconds started Sabrina looked at me and I told her: if you want to be hard on them, give them Rock 'n Roll, and if you want to be nice, choose the Charleston.

Sabrina right away said Charleston, which was sweet of her to do, but Kirstie fell to the floor thinking that was the worst of the two. Kirstie tweeted a few days ago saying she loves her Charleston, so that makes us happy. Go Kirstie! That meant that indirectly Sabrina and I gave Rock 'n Roll to Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas because that was the only dance left. (Sorry Bristol and Mark!) They now have the fastest dance of the bunch, but I'm sure they're going to bring it.

Photos: See the all-star cast with their pro partners!

Sabrina and I are so happy with our Disco, (Thank you Helio Castroneva and Chelsie Hightower!) and we plan to go all out. Think back to the 70's, Studio 54, boas, sequences and lots of lifts. Also the stage will be totally transformed to a night club and at some point we will have audience participation. Even you guys at home should join in on the fun. All we do is the famous "Shampoo" and the "Roll," which are so easy, anyone can do it. It'll be right after an over head lift!

The dances the producers gave us to choose from are mostly dances we have never done on the show as individual dances, which makes for great TV…or not, haha. Even most of us pros are out of our comfort zone for these dances, but I love those challenges. It gives us the opportunity to show America what we are made of. (I'm saying that with a sore body from all the lifting the past few days …).

Having Paula Abdul as the fourth judge this week is going to be insane. Aren't you excited? She'll add so much to the show, especially this week with all these never-before-seen dances. Paula is such a great all- around performer and choreographer. I believe from all the TV shows she has judged on, "Dancing With The Stars" is the most appropriate show for her to be part of. All of us are excited to have her as a guest judge.

From the dances to the guest judge, the show tonight is going to be such fun and different. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed preparing for it!

(By the way, during this week's result show there will be even more twists and curveballs, so make sure you guys tune in for both shows.)

Love, Louis

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