Lindsay Lohan Gets Cozy With Porn Star in New Film Trailer

VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan stars in Paul Schraders film about the sexual obsession of 20-somethings.

The new trailer for Lindsay Lohan's new movie, "The Canyons," looks almost like a parody.

The 1950s-style trailer describes the movie's writer, Bret Easton Ellis, as a "Twitter-obsessed author" and the director, Paul Schrader, as a "never-nominated director."

The black-and-white trailer appears to be playing off the real lives of stars Lindsay Lohan and so-star James Deen, who previously worked in porn. Lohan's character, Tara, is described as a "sensuous woman," and Deen, as a "potent new-screen personality."

The movie is described as a "contemporary L.A. noir," and the trailer hints that its audience might not be in theaters.

"'The Canyons,'" coming soon to an Internet server of your choice," the trailer says.

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