Distracted Pedestrian Crashes WABC Meteorologist's Live Weather Report

VIDEO: Man concentrating on his mobile phone interrupts WABC-TV meteorologist Lee Goldberg.

WABC-TV meteorologist Lee Goldberg was doing a live weather report on the sidewalk outside the station's studios on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan today when he was unceremoniously interrupted by a pedestrian who was distracted by his cell phone.

Goldberg was doing the live report when the pedestrian, looking intently at his cell phone, walked up behind Goldberg. The pedestrian veered off to the side, but then walked directly in front of the camera while looking at Goldberg.

Goldberg stopped his report to watch as the man walked through the shot. Then, holding out his palm and pantomiming someone looking at a cell phone, said: "Everybody's looking at their texts … and then they walk right through. That's pretty good," he said, adding with apparent irony, "Happy holidays."

The news anchors in the studio - David Novarro and Liz Cho - got a good laugh out of the whole thing.

"You're just another guy talking to a TV camera in the middle of the street. Get out of my way," Navarro joked, channeling the unidentified pedestrian.

He added in an exaggerated New York accent, "I'm shopping here!"

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