Documentary Examines the Volatile Relationship Between Celebrities and Paparazzi

VIDEO: Arguments between photographers and Hollywoods biggest stars get ugly in "Sell-ebrity."

ABC News' Sharde Miller and Natasha Singh report:

The documentary titled "Sellebrity" gives Average Joes an inside look at the lives of some of Hollywood's biggest stars and their constant battle with paparazzi.

The man behind the documentary is Kevin Mazur, who is no stranger to the camera himself. Mazur is a prominent rock 'n' roll photographer who has photographed everyone from Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stones to Elton John.

Mazur says his inspiration for the documentary was to show what happens to celebrities before their pictures end up in those glossy magazines on newsstands.

"The consumers don't see where the photo came from or the video footage because when you see the photo, you usually just see the celebrity," he said. "You don't see all the mayhem."

"Sellebrity" has a hodgepodge of stars who share their horror stories of dodging the cameras. The documentary features interviews with Jennifer Aniston, Marc Anthony and then-wife Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Kid Rock and others.

"It's a really weird, scary feeling," Aniston, the former "Friends" star, says in the documentary. "You're disoriented, you can't see in front of you. It's false imprisonment."

Sarah Jessica Parker talked about the first time the flashing camera lights bothered her.

"I started crying and I said to the photogs, 'Please don't chase me. I'm pregnant.' And they kept following me," she said.

Still, do some A-listers owe some of their status to the paparazzi?

"Yeah, you know, I kind of asked for this life and kind of knew that this was a part of it that comes with it," Kid Rock says in the documentary. "The same way, you know, that magazines make money, they make money from me."

Stars have fought back against the paparazzi, both verbally and physically. For example, Alec Baldwin was reportedly involved in two altercations with photographers in June in the days leading up to his wedding.

Baldwin was accused of shoving a New York Daily News photographer June 20 after he and wife Hilaria Thomas, who was his fiancée at the time, went to pick up their marriage license in Manhattan.

Then, on June 29, the day before Baldwin's wedding, the actor allegedly cursed out a photographer who was blocking the entrance to his apartment building, yelling, "I want you to shut the f- up and get out of here. Leave my neighbor alone."

In 2009, the Oscar-winning, actor-director Sean Penn was charged with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly kicked a photographer in the leg in Brentwood, Calif. He was given probation and court-ordered community service.

Mazur says he feels bad for the stars.

"I went with the paparazzi, and they would start at Michael Douglas' house because he was dealing with cancer, then go down to Sarah Jessica Parker's house, then go to Hugh Jackman's house and follow them taking their kids to school," Mazur said.

"Sellebrity" opens in select cities and on video-on-demand on Friday, Jan., 11.

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