'Katepedia': Vogue Dissects Kate Middleton's Style

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Kate Middleton has captivated the world with her beauty, poise, flawless style and, most recently, pending motherhood.

Entire websites are dedicated to dissecting her wardrobe. Middleton, who turns 31 today, is believed to be the most photographed woman in the world. She graces the covers of fashion and gossip magazines worldwide, and is mentioned daily in news and entertainments TV shows.

Now, the British edition of Vogue magazine has taken its examination of Middleton to another level. In its February issue, set to hit newsstands today, the magazine provides a detailed study of Middleton's style.

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For the article, titled "Katepedia: A Study in Royal Style," the magazine examined 100 outfits worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, analyzing each outfit's color, print and designer, as well as Middleton's jewelry and accessories.

Emily Sheffield, the magazine's deputy editor, told ABC News that Vogue staffers looked at more than 30,000 pictures of Middleton, poring over every detail from the number of outfits to the number of teeth in her smile.

"It's a forensic look at her style and it was weeks of work," Sheffield said, noting that Vogue's only prior encyclopedic-like look at style was done for Middleton's grandmother-in-law, the queen.

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"She is not a pop star," Sheffield said of Middleton. "She is not a television personality. She is something other. She sort of stands for something special and grounding."

Middleton's famous hair, recently restyled with bangs, didn't escape notice, either. Vogue reportedly measured the size of her curls.

So what did the deep-dive into Middleton's style reveal?

  • Blue is Middleton's preferred style color. Of her 100 official outfits, she wore blue 24 percent of the time.
  • A clutch is her go-to accessory. She almost always carries one and carries it with both hands nearly 50 percent of the time.
  • Middleton's signature drop earrings measure in at one-and-one-third inches long.
  • When Middleton smiles, she shows an average of 8.6 teeth.
  • Middleton wears her famous fascinators tilted a stylish 50 degrees atop her head.
  • She loves a boat neck, wearing the style at 42 percent of her engagements.

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