Will Beyonce Lip-Sync at Super Bowl?

VIDEO: The hype is building for singers upcoming appearance at famed halftime show.

Did she or didn't she? There's still no response from Beyonce on whether she was lip-synching her rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" during President Barack Obama's second inauguration on Monday.

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As the superstar prepares for her Super Bowl halftime performance Feb. 3 in New Orleans, the pressure isn't letting up. All eyes will be on her, paying minute attention to her performance.

So will she or won't she lip-sync at the game? That's the big question.

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"There was already a lot of pressure on Beyonce to deliver at this upcoming Super Bowl," Brody Brown of Us Weekly magazine told ABC News. "Now there is certainly even more pressure."

The Black Eyed Peas chose to sing live during their Super Bowl halftime performance two years ago - and they were panned by critics and fans alike.

Pop icon Madonna elected to lip-synch during super-hyped halftime performance at the Super Bowl last year, but she said it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of her career.

As for Beyonce, expert vocal coaches say she'd be mad not to at least use a backing track during the halftime show.

"It's very difficult to sing and dance at the same time," Mike Stevens, vocal chair at The Colburn School in Los Angeles, told ABC News. "So I would not be surprised if she lip-syncs."

As the country waits to see how this plays out, Beyonce remains closemouthed on the issue - but she certainly isn't trying to hide.

On Thursday the singer shared a photo on Instagram of herself at Mother's Restaurant in New Orleans.

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On Tuesday a spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps band told ABC News Beyonce did in fact lip-sync the national anthem at the inauguration.

Another spokeswoman later said they were not "in a position to assess" whether she did or didn't sing.

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