News Anchor Loses It Over Swimming Cat

VIDEO: News Anchor Loses It Over Cat

There are no second takes in live TV, a lesson local news anchor Susan Bahorich learned well during a segment about a swimming cat.

Bahorich, the weekend morning anchor for the local CBS affiliate in Roanoke, Va., was telling viewers about Holly, the 13-year-old Northern Virginia cat who made headlines last month when a video of her swimming in a pool to lose weight went viral.

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Bahorich held a straight face during the introduction, but then lost it as video showing Holly decked out in a cat-size life vest doing what could only be called the "kitty paddle" appeared on the screen.

Bahorich's voice then began to crackle and her words cut up as she struggled to make her way through the rest of the voice-over piece. As the TV went back to Bahorich at the anchor desk, she could be seen visibly giggling, lowering her face to hide her laughs and then banging her hand on the anchor desk as she continued to laugh.

Doctors told Holly's owner, Dani Lawhorne, that the feline needed to lose about 8 pounds from her 18-pound frame, and Holly began swimming laps in the indoor pool at the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Dulles, Va., in May. Lawhorne, who works at Olde Towne, an upscale pet resort and boarding facility, noticed that Holly didn't seem to mind taking a bath so thought maybe she could use the pool to help her couch-potato cat drop a few pounds.

Ever since that first dip into the pool in May, Holly has been a fixture at Olde Towne, coming every four to six weeks for a 15- to 30-minute swim and, as of February, had lost about a pound, a spokeswoman for Olde Towne told ABC News.

The cat's swimming routine had the " Good Morning America" anchors laughing too when she was featured on the show last month. Click HERE to watch.

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