Taylor Swift Reveals Hopes for RED Tour

VIDEO: Music superstar debuts the video for her hit single exclusively on "Good Morning America."

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Taylor Swift launches The RED Tour with a two-night stand in Omaha, Neb., starting Wednesday night. Swift is expected to perform the bulk of the songs on her latest multi-platinum album, Red, on this tour.

"I really love the idea of touring on this record, and creating, you know how I love to create dramatic situations and scenarios and storylines playing out on stage," Swift told ABC News Radio. "I love it. I think for me, it's all about picking the songs that the fans like the most. So, I really can't wait."

That connection with the fans is what drives Swift's love for touring, and it all stems from the emotions she shares with the fans through her lyrics.

"The fact that they write those lyrics on their notebooks and on their Facebook walls," Swift said. "It's amazing to realize that we're connected by, like, similar emotions 'cause we've all gone through the same things."

Swift does so much more than just sing her songs for the fans in her live shows, though. She's earned a reputation for putting on some of the most theatrical, technically advanced live shows to hit the road in the past few years. Swift tells her fans to expect the unexpected when The RED Tour rolls into their town.

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"I really like the element of surprise, and I really like incorporating that into the shows," she said.

Swift has presented sleeker looks and production values in her live TV performances since Red came out last fall, and fans can expect that vibe to inform The RED Tour, too.

"I think that the visuals kind of portrayed on this tour will be, I guess, more grown-up and a little bit more mature than things we've done in the past," Swift said. "I think on my previous albums and my previous tours, I've really liked to operate in the element of fantasy, and I think that this tour incorporates a little bit more reality into the visuals, which is nice."

The RED Tour is Swift's third major outing following her Fearless and Speak Now treks, so she's an expert at putting together an arena-ready show. The task of getting all those elements in place can still be daunting for Swift, though. It's a balance between letting her imagination run free and making sure everything is ready to go when she hits the stage Wednesday night.

"I try to let myself daydream but I try to not let myself get overwhelmed by the fact that I do end up having to put together a two-hour show that pleases everybody, hopefully," Swift said of her intense tour preparation.

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The RED Tour will play 66 shows in 47 cities in North America in the next six months. The itinerary includes 13 stadium shows. Swift's pal and "Everything Has Changed" duet partner Ed Sheeran opens all dates and a rotating cast of up-and-coming country artists, as well as teen singer Austin Mahone, will appear on select dates.

Sheeran said he's grateful for Swift's support of his career, considering he was basically unknown in the U.S. until he and Swift collaborated on their duet on Red, "Everything Has Changed."

"Taylor is such a talented, humble, nice person, and I just feel like she took a chance on me," he said. "I hadn't really done anything, apart from the Snow Patrol tour, in America, and she basically just opened all these doors."

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