Evian Babies Dance Their Way to Viral Superstardom

VIDEO: Dancing babies take center stage in bottled-water companys new hit advertisement.

ABC News' Bianna Gologryga reports:

The ad for Evian's "Baby & Me" campaign is giving viewers across the web "baby fever."

It's the follow-up to 2009's "Roller Babies," featuring a diaper-clad dance crew getting down to the beat of American hip hop trio The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight."

The Guinness World Record holder for most-viewed online ad, "Roller Babies," has been seen more than 65 million times.

Ever since, fans of the chubby-cheeked choreography have been clamoring for more, and this week, Evian delivered.

Since the ad's release on April 19, "Baby & Me" has already been watched more than 29 million times.

"I think it sort of shifts the image of what Evian has traditionally been, which is sort of the high end, maybe ladies' water, and now you've got special effects and babies, more appealing to a younger demo," Fast Company magazine editor, Nicole LaPorte, told ABC News.

The ad's creator, Remi Babinet, says it's the magic of their smiles that makes these babies so special.

"This type of commercial is about happiness, about energy, because babies are our future," Babinet said.

The company actually has a long history with babies.

Evian's global brand director, Laurent Houel, told Adweek magazine that bottled water was first recommended as a perfect water for babies, thanks to its pH-neutral mineral composition.

"The babies are true to our story and heritage," Houel said. "The love affair of the brand with babies started in France in 1935, when Evian was first recommended as a perfect water for babies. It is still today the No. 1 water used by mothers for their babies [thanks to its pH-neutral mineral composition]. So fundamentally, there is a true link, it is not a marketing trick."

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