Anne Hathaway's Hairstylist Charges $600 Per Cut: What Do You Think?

(Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Sandra Bullock's long locks, Kristen Stewart's up do, Jessica Biel's perfectly messy pony - to get their hair red-carpet ready, the A-listers turn to one man: Adir Abergel.

He is also behind the trendiest haircut of them all right now - Anne Hathaway's pixie boy cut.

The price tag for one of his masterpieces? $600.

But Ilona Shine, a master colorist and industry veteran, says we don't have to spend big bucks to look good.

In an interview for "20/20," Shine confessed some closely guarded trade secrets, including:

"Somebody walks in with a beautiful, expensive bag, expensive shoes, and then suddenly whatever she was quoted at the beginning … can end up being $400, just because they look expensive or rich," Shine said.

What do you think of $600 for a haircut? Use the ballot below, and hear Shine's other secrets on "20/20: Confessions" Friday at 10 ET.

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