Kelly Osbourne Just Wants 'To Be Loved'


Kelly Osbourne is sounding off on love with her chef boyfriend, Matthew Mosshart.

"He just wants to love me, and I just wanted to be loved by him," the E! "Fashion Police" co-host said in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Osbourne, 28, who appears on the cover of the July issue, said Mosshart is different from the models and musicians she had dated who "wanted something from me."

"They'd call people I know and ask for favors," she said. "I'd have to say, 'Trust me. Telling someone you are my boyfriend isn't going to get you very far.'"


With her trademark candor, Osbourne also opened up about the recent admission from her famous father, Ozzy Osbourne, that he had fallen off the wagon.

"I love and respect that he's honest enough to say, 'Yes, I did this. It was my fault.' He's a real man. Most people would hide, and he doesn't. It doesn't make me love him any less. It took a long time to get to that place, but I understand it now," the younger Osbourne said.

Like her father, Osbourne has struggled with addiction.

"He's an addict; I'm an addict. It's going to be one of those things we battle for the rest of our lives," she told Cosmo. "I take the necessary precautions. If you're not happy and healthy, it's not worth any of it."

Osbourne added, "Everyone says sex, drugs, and rock and roll are fun. It ain't fun. It is not something to glorify."

Instead Osbourne looks forward to a future filled with babies and a Golden Globe.

"What? I'm fabulous," she said. "I need a Golden Globe. What is life if you're not going to live it to the fullest? People think this is my 15 minutes. … I've got an hour."

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