Real-Life 'Friends' Recreate Iconic TV Show Theme Song

VIDEO: Real Life Friends Recreate Iconic Show Opener

Some iconic television shows truly stand the test of time, like the '90s sitcom, "Friends."

One of the most memorable aspects of the show is the famous opening theme song, "I'll Be There for You," by The Rembrandts, featuring all six characters dancing in the fountain. It's a television moment so iconic, some might find it impossible to imitate.

But that's exactly what a creative bunch of graduating seniors from Elon University did to celebrate their finals days on campus together, and the product couldn't have turned out more perfectly.

"This was four days before graduation," David Gwynn, 22, the mastermind behind the project, told "We always joked that we have the right amount of people to be the 'Friends' crew. And we're all cinema majors, so we were just like, 'Let's do it.'"

The entire video took 15 hours to create, matching each clip frame by frame.

"We thought we could do it in one night, but we couldn't because the fountains shut off," Gwynn explained. "With all the set up, and going to thrift shops and getting the right clothes and putting it together and matching it frame by frame, the whole thing took 15 hours."

But the actual recreation process wasn't even the hardest part of the whole endeavor.

"I was responsible for getting the clearance from the school," said Gwynn. "We asked the vice president, and he let us do it. We shot it at Elon's famous fountain where all the students want to jump in."

Every detail in the video is as exact as the students could make it, even down to the couch being the same color.

"I've had the couch since I was in third grade, and it's been in my dorm room every year," Gwynn said. "My mom actually reupholstered it last year, and funny enough, it was the same color as the 'Friends' couch."

And as graduating seniors, all the students who took part in recreating the video have big plans ahead.

"Funny enough, the people who play Rachel and Ross got engaged two days ago. So that was a cute little, 'Oh my gosh, it's real' moment," Gwynn laughed. "So she's going to be a teacher in Chapel Hill and he's going to be counselor in Greensboro. Chandler is going to move to LA to be a cinematographer. Monica is leading a cross country bike trip over the summer. The girl who plays Phoebe doesn't have a job yet, but is moving back to Boston to start the job search. And I am moving in two days to Copenhagen. I studied abroad there last year, so they hired me to come back."

Since the video was originally posted to YouTube on May 27, it already has more than 10,000 views.

"This has been a great way to end our college career," said Gwynn.

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