Always the Bridesmaid? What to Do With Those Dresses

VIDEO: Kristy Fabrizi reveals her bridesmaid dresses collected over the years.

ABC News' Faryn Shiro reports:

Actress Katherine Heigl's starring role in the movie "27 Dresses" as the girl who was always the bridesmaid, never the bride, was a box-office hit that got lots of laughs.

For Kristy Fabrizi of New York's Long Island, the movie was like watching her life play out on the big screen.

Fabrizi, 36, has been a bridesmaid in 14 of her friends' weddings, collecting an entire closetful of dresses of all different styles and colors.

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"Each one holds a separate memory, and I feel like maybe one day I can rewear one again," she told " Good Morning America."

Although Fabrizi has hopes for the pricey dresses now gathering dust in her closet, the reality, bridal experts say, is that she, like most bridesmaids, will never wear the dresses again.

Fabrizi admits that she has spent more than $10,000 combined on the dresses, parties and travel for her friends' big days but has only actually reworn one of the gowns, a black dress, for her own "big day," a fundraiser.

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With the wear-it-once-and-you're-done mentality for bridesmaid dresses in the public spotlight, some brides are choosing to give their attendants more freedom. Just this week singer Lady Gaga was spotted in the wedding party of a friend who allowed her bridesmaids to choose different styles of the same dress.

"The key to this is giving your bridesmaids guidelines," Jennie Ma, fashion and beauty editor at, told "GMA." "You can tell them they can pick a dress that flatters their body, but it needs to be in the same color and same fabric."

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When all else fails, Ma advises frustrated bridesmaids to get creative.

"If you absolutely hate it and don't want anything to do with it, you could use the fabric and make a pillow case," she said.

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