Daniel Radcliffe Wants Kids Before 30

Jason Merritt; Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe wants to be a young dad.

"I'd like to get started on it before my 30s," he told Time Out: London in the June 4 issue. "I like the idea of being a youngish parent so I've got energy to play football even though they'll be better than me by the time they're 4."

The "Harry Potter" star said his desire to have children grew out of his being a child star.

"I've grown up around lots of people who were having kids when I knew them, because a lot of them were a lot older than me," Radcliffe told Time Out: London. "And I saw the wonderful change in them. I see that it gives you a sense of purpose that up till now I only really get from work."

"I want that [purpose]," he said.

He added that he was "definitely going to be one of those parents who pushes their kids into things," though he's thinking sports and "not the film industry."

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