Pippa Middleton Once Planned to Marry in 'Tennis Whites'

It's hard to believe that Pippa Middleton, whose fitted, ivory maid-of-honor gown nearly stole the show at older sister Kate Middleton's royal wedding to Prince William, once vowed to wear tennis whites if she, herself, ever married.

Middleton admits in a new column she wrote for Vanity Fair as the magazine's newest contributor that she was once such a tomboy that she told the Middleton family, "If I had to get married, it would be in my tennis whites - shorts with no pleats or frills."

Though she may be less a tomboy today, Middleton remains a tennis fanatic and writes about Wimbledon in her first in a series of columns for Vanity Fair.

"I first went to Wimbledon when I was eight years old and already a very keen tennis player," wrote Middleton, author of "Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends." "During this first trip I acted on my childish tennis dreams and bought myself a postcard of the women's championship trophy, on which I wrote, 'I will win this one day,' with my signature below."

Her column features highlights from her years of attending Wimbledon.

"Queuing from five A.M. on 'People's Sunday' in 2004 with my sister for three hours and getting £35 tickets on Centre Court; my first time ever," she wrote. "Seats were a free-for-all-and I recall almost tripping over myself trying to get as close as possible to my birthday-twin British hero Tim Henman."

Middleton not only shares a birthday with Henman, a former British No. 1, but Greg Rusedski, another No. 1-ranked British player.

She rounds off her column with a short Q&A with Roger Federer, in which she asks the 2012 Wimbledon champion if it's true that the men's and women's champions are required to dance together at the Wimbledon-ball after-party.

The answer is no.

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