Royal Family Album: A Storybook Introduction

VIDEO: The British Royal Family Album

Little royal baby, oh the family you have. A queen for a great grandmother and a prince for a dad.

Your story begins at St. Andrews U., where your parents first met in 2002.

Your mother, Catherine Middleton, loves hockey among sports, born and raised in a small village, she was a commoner of sorts. Until she married this man, his royal highness, the prince, now your mummy's, a duchess, a new title, ever since.

Your father, Duke of Cambridge, is second in line to the throne, a rescue pilot and royal, who served in an Afghan war zone.

His father, your grandad, is Prince Charles, you see, He paints watercolors, rides ponies, and is an admiral in the Royal Navy.

Charles' first wife, Diana, was known as the People's Princess, she's the mother of your father, always followed by the press.

A fairytale wedding, but their love didn't last, her presence is strong, even though she has passed.

Granddad's second wife, is known as Camilla, for short, but if Charles takes the throne, she'll be Her Royal Highness, the Princess Consort.

Your uncle, Prince Harry, keep a close eye on him, a chopper pilot, indeed, who has fun on a whim.

But its great grandmum, you'll learn, who really steals the scene, her corgis, her purse, 'Long Live The Queen!'

Close by her side, Prince Philip, her spouse, Buckingham Palace is their home, but they have more than one house.

There's Sandringham and Balmoral, two more of their estates, and a royal train and a yacht, for those nautical play dates.

But Windsor House, your royal blood, that's only half of your tale, meet your mum's side, the party planners by mail.

Michael, your granddad, had a modest life start, he was dispatching flights, when he stole grandmum's heart.

Carole was an attendant, with a plan to devise, a family business, mail order, that would sell party supplies.

Aunt Philippa, or Pippa, is your mum's younger sis, with a party blog, and ambition, and a smile you can't miss.

James is your uncle, who has what it takes, to start a company of his own, that whips up fancy cakes.

With cousins galore, both royal and not, mind their hat advice, because this is what they've got.

But when it works in your favor, and the title passes down, you'll have one that they don't have, the British Royal Crown.


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