What's Seth Rogen's Most Annoying Habit?

Seth Rogens Best Friend Reveals What He Hates Most About Him

Spielberg and Lucas; Poehler and Fey; Damon and Affleck - the "best buddies as successful work partners" genre is hardly new within Hollywood. But few duos are as self-referential about their real-life friendship in their movies as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Best friends since meeting at a Bar Mitzvah when they were 13-year-olds growing up in Vancouver, Canada, Rogen and Goldberg co-wrote the raunchy comedy "Superbad" and the cancer dramedy "50/50." Both films were inspired by pivotal events in their friendship and featured Rogen acting on-screen.

Now the BFFs are back in theaters with their directorial debut, "This Is The End," but in a new interview with Peter Travers, Goldberg admitted that there's one thing he hates about his childhood pal: a tsk sound Rogen used to make when Goldberg "did something bad."

"I was like, literally 'if you make that noise again, I'll…" Goldberg said, intimating that their BFF-dom would be soooo over.

For more of Peter Travers' interview with the two, where they reveal which of the "This Is The End" actors is most like their on-screen portrayal, watch the video above.

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