Royal Baby: Watchers Speculate on Kate Middleton's Post-Birth Style Choices

VIDEO: Kate Middleton Baby: a Trendsetter Through Last Days of Pregnancy

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has gone through her pregnancy in her typical classic style, but what will she wear when she leaves St. Mary's Hospital and gives the world its first look at the future heir to the British throne?

The baby, the first for Middleton and her husband, Prince William, hasn't even been born yet, but there's already growing speculation about how Middleton will present herself after the delivery, which is expected to occur sometime this month.

"I am sure Kate's thought a lot about the outfit she'll first be seen in after she gives birth … and stands on those steps," Victoria Murphy, ABC News' royal consultant, said.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton's Chic Maternity Style

When Princess Diana left that St. Mary's hospital with her infant son, William - Kate's future husband - in 1982, she famously wore a shapeless dress that some said made her appear to be still pregnant.

Kate, 31, is expected to go for a far sleeker look. She may even wear heels, Murphy said.

"It's one thing I noticed throughout her pregnancy. She was always in heels at least three inches high," Murphy said.

What's on the Menu for Kate at the Hospital?

Kate will join the growing ranks of new mothers who feel intense pressure to look stunning in what is commonly called the fourth trimester - that time where women have just given birth and haven't yet regained their pre-baby figures.

At Selfridges, the famous London department store, fashion rep Sophie Hedly showed "Good Morning America" fourth-trimester fashions that are being sported by prominent young British mothers. Some of the popular designers among that set include Issa, which created the blue dress Kate wore to announce her engagement, and Emilia Wickstead.

There are all sorts of fashion tricks Kate could employ when she's leaving the hospital. She could wear rich embroidered coat over a skirt or dress, or she could wear a scarf, Hedly said.

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But just as important as what a young mother wears on the outside is what she wears underneath, Hedly said.

In the U.S., Spanx are popular with women. Apparently, they're popular with British women, too.

"I don't know any fashionable woman who wouldn't be seen without admitting that she owns a pair of Spanx," Hedly said.

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It's not clear whether Kate will do the same, but all eyes will be on her when she leaves the hospital with her first child.

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