Sisters Use YouTube to Recreate Alanis Morissette's Song 'Ironic'

VIDEO: Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz recreate the 1996 hit in their YouTube version, "Its Finally Ironic."

When Canadian singer Alanis Morisette's song "Ironic" debuted in the 1990s, it was a major hit. But there was one problem-the lyrics described events that were not necessarily ironic.

The song described, for instance, "rain on your wedding day," as well as "a free ride when you have already paid," and a man who turned 98, won the lottery and died the next day. Linguistic sticklers would not deem that irony, a term the dictionary defines as "happening in the opposite way to what is expected, thus typically causing wry amusement."

Courtesy Rachael and Eliza Hurwitz

Now though, two sisters, Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz, have taken it upon themselves to fix this error via YouTube. Titled "It's Finally Ironic," their video uses Morisette's song as a baseline but adds verses that actually make the lyrics ironic. There is still a 98-year-old man who dies after winning the lottery, for instance, but he dies from a severe cut from his lottery ticket.

"We fixed it for you, Alanis," they say in the song. See the whole video here.

The video has gone viral, garnering over 318,000 hits on YouTube.

"We did not expect to attract this much attention," the sisters wrote in a joint e-mail to ABC News. "After we first put the video up, we were so happy to get 300 views. We thought, Wow. what if it gets to a thousand?! We are both really excited, and feel very lucky."

According to the description on the video, Eliza wrote the lyrics and Rachael wrote the music. The two are part of a set of triplets. Rachael is a singer, songwriter and piano teacher, and Eliza is a stand up comic. Both live in New York City.

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