Watch Justin Timberlake's Raciest Music Videos

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When Justin Timberlake released the music video for his new single "Tunnel Vision," various news sites reported that it was so explicit that YouTube yanked it from the site. ( They didn't, and so far it seems like a smart move: The video, which features unedited shots of topless women, has already racked up more than 1.2 million viewers in just a few days.)

"Tunnel Vision" is one of the only videos with an "explicit" tag on Timberlake's VEVO page, but the singer, 32, has always pushed the envelope. Here are a few of his raciest music videos to date.

"Señorita," released in 2003 Ten years ago, Timberlake had much shorter hair, but the same provocative dance moves that he has now. In the video for the single "Señorita," he's seen writhing against scantily clad women - all of whom are dancing against him too. (This was a big trend for Timberlake, who also danced against women in the video for "Rock Your Body.")

"Cry Me a River," released in 2003 Largely thought to be inspired by his break-up with longtime girlfriend Britney Spears, the video for the kiss-off song "Cry Me a River" shows a Spears lookalike walking hand-in-hand with a man who's not Timberlake. As revenge, the teen heartthrob is shown videotaping himself with another woman, who undresses herself, straddles him and kisses him.

"SexyBack," released in 2006 Arguably one of Timberlake's most famous videos, "SexyBack" features the star seducing a woman in a futuristic-looking hotel. At one point, he sneaks into her room while she's undressing and the two are later seen in bed together. At the end of the video, they kiss again in the bathroom stall of a club.

"Love Sex Magic," released in 2009 Sure, it's a Ciara song, but Timberlake is featured so prominently in the music video that it seems wrong not to include it here. In "Love Sex Magic," Ciara is shown dancing provocatively in very little clothing, but also getting very close to Timberlake, who even spanks her at one point. Throughout the entire video, the two singers come very close to making out, and at one point, Timberlake even plants a playful kiss on her lips.

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