What's on the Menu for Kate at the Hospital?

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Lamb chops, cream of tomato soup and a dessert of cheesecake topped off with a glass of champagne are all what could be on the menu for the Duchess of Cambridge after she gives birth to her first child.

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E! Online claims to have obtained a list of menu items available to new mothers at St. Mary's Hospital in London, where Kate, 31, is expected to give birth this month.

Kate, according to E!, will have the option of a three-course meal at both lunch and dinner with options such as Mediterranean-grilled chicken or lamb for an entrée and fruit or cheese platters for dessert.

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St. Mary's, which is the same hospital where Middleton's husband, Prince William, was born, declined to confirm the specific menu items listed by E! Online.

The hospital's pre-admission brochure says new moms at the hospital can expect an "extensive and nutritious menu" prepared in a "dedicated kitchen" observant of "special dietary, cultural and religious requirements."

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New moms such as Kate also have the option to toast their new baby with a glass of champagne or a glass of wine from the hospital's "comprehensive" wine list, according to the brochure. If Prince William is present for the baby's birth, as expected, and stays overnight, he can enjoy a free breakfast, according to the hospital's guidelines.

The Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, where the royal couple would stay, requires a deposit of 5,500 pounds - or about $8,600 - just to book it, for a vaginal delivery. If Kate opts for a cesarean section, it will cost nearly $12,000 to book.

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The private delivery room comes with a TV, a safe and a fridge, according to the brochure, as well as Internet access and a daily newspaper.

Considering Kate is due any day now - the palace has said her due date is mid-July - she very likely has her hospital bags packed and ready to go, and now we know what could be in those too.

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St. Mary's instructs new moms to bring a dressing gown and slippers, nursing bras, socks, pajamas, two or three sleep suits and a blanket for the new baby, snacks and the all-important birth plan to the hospital with them. In preparation for a long delivery, which would require the patience of royal watchers in Kate's case, new moms are also encouraged to bring books, music or games that help them relax and "pass the time."

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