Eli and Peyton Manning Go Viral In Commercial's Rap Video

VIDEO: The NFL stars don wigs and sing in a commercial for DirecTV.

Iconic rappers Tupac, Biggie, even the legendary Marky Mark (aka Mark Wahlberg), may have all just been surpassed in greatness by the music of the Manning brothers.

Published Tuesday and already earning almost 2 million plays on YouTube, "Football on your Phone" is a rap video to promote Direct TV's NFL package with the Super Bowl brothers front and center.

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Peyton Manning, sporting a mullet ala Billy Ray Cyrus, starts off the video asking his brother Eli Manning, who he's talking to on his phone. Eli, fake perm and all, explains that he's watching football on his phone, not talking with anyone.

Eli Manning, the two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback for the New York Giants, and Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos playcaller, have been know to have fun in commercials before.

At the 34-second mark, that's when the magic happens. The brothers swing around in their salon chairs and the chorus strikes in. A little bit later, Eli Manning jumps out of a blue car riding on 20-inch rims and the two begin walking down what looks like native New Orleans.

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The two even take shots at a poor guy using his phone to make a call.

"Your phone ain't for calling, your phone's for footballin'" they say, right before Peyton shows off his rhyming skills on loans, thrones (the toilet) and scones.

And what would Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the phone, think about the Manning brothers?

"Who cares? Dude's dead," Eli Manning says while busting through a painting of Bell.

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