Lake Bell: The One Quality All My Pals (Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz) Share

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Lake Bell is a busy woman these days.

Not only did the actress write, direct and star in her new movie, "In A World," in theaters now, but she's also trying to balance work with being a newlywed. Bell married fine artist Scott Campbell in June.

In the midst of chaos, it helps to be surrounded by good people.

"It's important to have people around you that inspire you," Bell, 34, told ABC News of her friends, who include "In a World" co-stars Ken Marino and Michaela Watkins, as well as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.

"[They] are just happy people," she said. "I enjoy being around - regardless of what they do - people who are happy, because I am very happy and so is my husband, Scott. So we tend to lean toward those people and not people who are still floundering in unhappiness."

Besides, she wouldn't have time for the drama.

"In A World," a film that explores Bell's real-life obsession with voice-overs, "does feel like my baby," said Bell. "I'm nervous that I won't be this excited for my first-born child!"

One reason it's so important is because it's so personal. Since childhood, Bell has had an ear for dialects, and she studied the art of voice-overs when she was in drama school in England.

"It was the ultimate acting," she said. "I just liked the idea of it being the ultimate tool to be anybody. You're not judged by what you look like in a voice-over scenario. You can take on any characterization, any nationality or gender, for that matter. You can really be anyone, and I thought that was really cool and liberating."

Though she tried to break into the voice-over world when she moved to Los Angeles, she hit a lot of roadblocks.

"It was such a clique!" she said. "People already had the lockdown on certain factions of it. It was a petri dish of characters that I was excited to explore."

And, of course, she has a very supportive husband who encouraged her along the way.

Because of their work schedules, Bell said, she and Campbell have "yet to experience married life" (or go on a honeymoon) but they're enjoying themselves regardless.

"It's pretty much the same as before, but I have this band on my hand," she said. "When you have two creative people [in a relationship] I think it's important to constantly expose yourself to new environments, and I think he provides that tremendously for me and vice versa."

But whether one of those new environments will be, say, in a nursery any time soon remains to be seen.

When asked if she wanted a family, Bell laughed.

"That's something my mom can ask me and no one else!" she said.

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