Donna Micheletti to Gia Allemand's Father: Her Suicide's 'Your Fault'

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Gia Allemand's mother, Donna Micheletti, isn't pulling any punches when it comes to the former "Bachelor" contestant's father.

Micheletti told "Dr. Phil" Tuesday that she blames Eugene Allemand for her daughter's death last month, saying "I told him, "It's your fault.""

"Right after Mother's Day, she had a falling out with her father," she said. "He told her she was the idiot, she was too stupid and "You're no daughter of mine and don't call me for Father's Day. Lose my number.""

Micheletti said the rift between Gia and her father spawned the insecurities that eventually led to her suicide.

Gia Allemand Dead in Apparent Suicide

"That was the beginning of her end," she added.

Those issues caused Gia Allemand to question whether her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, really loved her, which led to fights, especially that last argument before she hanged herself, Micheletti said.

"I used to tell her that they're not your father, they do love you," she said. "I think it just ate her up, then she was picking on her boyfriend and she'll look at anything at that point to fight."

Disturbing New Details on Gia Allemand Death

Micheletti also said she has no patience for any apologies Eugene Allemand might be making now to the media.

"If it's going to make you feel better, good for you," she said.

Eugene Allemand could not be reached for comment.

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