Kanye West Unleashes Twitter Rant on Jimmy Kimmel Over Spoof

Jimmy Kimmel in a Rap War With Kanye West?

Jimmy Kimmel addressed his first "rap feud" on his late-night talk show Thursday after Kanye West went on a profanity-laced Twitter rampage against the comedian earlier in the evening.

Kimmel opened his show telling the audience he received a "very angry phone call" from West earlier in the evening. Kimmel said that West was seething over a comedy bit on the show earlier this week where a child re-enacted a recent interview the rapper gave to the BBC.

According to Kimmel, West told him he had two choices and the first was to publicly apologize for the skit.

"And that was really the only choice. The other choice he gave was 'your life is going to be much better if I apologize,' and then he started tweeting today," Kimmel said.

Kimmel showed his audience the tweets that West posted from his official Twitter account. The majority of the all-caps Twitter rant are too profane to be posted here, but here's a small sampling of West's verbal assault. In one tweet, West referenced Kimmel's former comedian girlfriend.

After the show, Kimmel responded to West, sarcastically tweeting , "I swear, @kanyewest one more of these I WILL unfollow you #warning #Goshdarnit."

Kimmel described the BBC spoof as "pretty innocuous." In the actual BBC interview, West described how he was a trend-setter in the fashion world and the biggest rock star in the world.

"Finally, I'm in a rap feud," Kimmel joked. "I always wanted to be in a rap feud."

"Right now we're at Def-Kanye five," the comedian quipped.

Kimmel cautioned that the war of words is not a prank like his recent " twerking girl fail" video that went viral earlier this month.

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