Toks Olagundoye of ‘The Neighbors’: 23 Things You Don’t Know

By ABC News

Sep 20, 2013 9:00am
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(Image Credit: Jeff Gottlieb; Courtesy JDSPR)

Toks Olagundoye plays the matriarch of an alien family on ABC’s sitcom “The Neighbors,” which has its season premiere tonight at 8:30 (7:30 CT). Olagundoye’s character, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, tries to learn the ins and outs of life on Earth. (Take the scene where she mimics reality-TV housewives in an attempt to blend in). The Nigerian-born actress gets candid about what’s she’s like when the cameras aren’t rolling:

1. I’m an avid shoe fan. I got my first pair of Louboutins as a birthday gift from Jami Gertz.

2. I am scared of and really want nothing to do with other people’s feet.

3. I was a strawberry blonde for more than 10 years.

4. The first band I saw was Guns N Roses, my favorite band at the time, at Wembley Stadium.

5. I was a musical theatre geek in high school and college.

6.  I have a very, VERY dark sense of humor (that’s the Norwegian half).

7. I truly believe that dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend and that doggies should be rescued and treated like four-legged children.

8. I have written one fan letter in my entire life; it was during my freshman year to recording artist Jeff Buckley.

9. I have named three of my cars after Eddie Vedder.

10. I don’t believe in paying full price for clothing.

11. I’m a “twaddict” – horribly and without a doubt addicted to Twitter.

12. I was a hostess at Sushi Samba in New York City, Red O in Hollywood and Boa in West Hollywood.

13. My first piece of furniture in my L.A. apartment was a Pier One bean bag chair, which I slept on for a week before borrowing an air-mattress from a friend. I then slept on said air mattress for a year before finally investing in an Ikea mattress. It was another year before I could finally afford a bed frame.

14.  I have always wanted to play: a Bond girl, Catwoman, a Charlie’s Angel and an alien (check), and wanted to be involved in any remakes of “Weird Science” (Kelly LeBrock) or “9 to 5″ (Jane Fonda).

15. As a teen, my female idols were Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer.

16. I used to do a lot of background work and can be seen in several episodes of “Sex & The City.”

17. I am a diehard Bruce Willis fan (get it?).

18. I have a nose and navel piercing.

19. My mother forbade me from getting any tattoos until I was 18. … Of course I got my first one as soon as I could after that birthday and subsequently got four more.

20. I stopped eating red meat when I was 16.

21. I don’t t drink coffee, but I’m a tea addict.

22. I  suffer from vertigo (which is not a fear of heights – use your Google, people).

23.  I dropped out of my last semester at Smith to be in New York for the rigorous call-back process of replacing Daphne Rubin-Vega in “Rent” and then didn’t get the role.

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