Top 10 Celebrities for Federal Reserve Chair (not)

The last 14 chairs of the Federal Reserve have all been white males, but that may change with reports that the Fed's vice chair Janet Yellen may be the top contender. But if the leader of our nation's central bank was a celebrity, the top candidates would probably be those with a penchant for having money in their name or those who like to sing about the green stuff. Here are 10 ideas:

10. Ke$ha

(Credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

A pop artist who uses a dollar sign in her name

9. Cash Warren

Producer and actress Jessica Alba's husband

8. Johnny Cash

The late singer-songwriter legend. Hits include "Ring of Fire," "The Baron," and "The Man Comes Around."

7. Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr.

Undefeated boxer and the highest-paid athlete in the world

6. Donna Summer

The late singer-songwriter with hits including "She Works Hard for the Money"

5. Big and Rich

Country music group

4. Chamallionaire

Rapper whose name is a portmanteau of "chameleon" and "millionaire"

3. Eddie Money

Rock musician whose hits include "Walk on Water"

2. Ted DiBiase

(Credit: Bobby Bank/Getty Images)

Professional wrestler who's known as the "Million Dollar Man"

1. Bill Gates

Gates is the richest man in the country for the 20th year. Need we say more?

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