Comedian Nails Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

VIDEO: Comedian Nails Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

David Andrew Brent will definitely be back.

The 32-year-old comedian from Thornhill, Ontario, is now a viral star thanks to a YouTube video showing his dead-on impersonation of actor-turned-governor-turned-actor-again Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Brent was performing at the Brantford Comedy Festival in Ontario when he pulled out his Schwarzenegger, performing a monologue full of the Austrian's signature lines, including references to his frequent acting buddy, Sylvester Stallone.

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"It took a couple of years," Brent told of how he mastered "The Terminator" star's distinct voice. "I started off with the name Dana and then moved into saying the alphabet, watching how he speaks, holds his body and, at one point, I utilized a stop watch to just say the same words for one minute straight."

The video has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted to YouTube Monday. The overwhelming attention also crashed the Brantford Comedy Festival's website.

"Our website is used to serving a few hundred people a day, but since the video has been picked up, we had over 10,000 hits in a matter of hours. Therefore, we've taken the website down and posted this message in its place," the festival's producer wrote.

Brent's YouTube fame also lead to a real, well online at least, encounter with his impersonatee.

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After sending a link to the video to Schwarzenegger on Twitter, the action star tweeted him back.

"Fantastic @ DaveABrent . Congrats on the great video. By the way, "The Caterer" is moving full-steam ahead. …" Schwarzenegger tweeted on Tuesday, referring to an upcoming film with Stallone.

" @ Schwarzenegger Couldn't have done it without you sir!!! I hope you have an awesome day =) # offtothegym # cardioday !," Brent replied.

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Brent says that Schwarzenegger is his favorite impression to do, besting his other favorites that include Christopher Walken, Dr. Phil, Patrick Stewart and Albert Finney.

"The secret to it is having fun with it, not overdoing it and just loving the actual person for the joy they've brought to your life," Brent said. "After that, if you think you have it, work hard and never give up."

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