Pranksters Serve Up Free Pizza With a Shocking Side of Zombie

VIDEO: Pranksters Serve Up Free Undead Pizza

Folks in Philadelphia expecting a free slice of pizza got a shocking surprise instead - a zombie popping out at them.

Prank vs. Prank's Jesse and Gina pulled the stunt on many unsuspecting passersby, who were right in assuming the deal was too good to be true.

"We lured people over to get 'free pizza' when really I was hiding in the pizza box to pop out and scare them as they opened it!" Gina, who was dressed as the ghoulish dead zombie, wrote on the video's description.

The pranksters created a table with a hole in the middle for Gina to fit in and stacked up pizza boxes which also had holes in order for her to fit underneath. A tablecloth hid her secret zombie lair from the unsuspecting strangers-turned-victims walking by.

"Some were skeptical, thinking it was a gimmick because it sounded too good to be true that we were giving away free pizza," Gina wrote. "The best was when people were grabbing a plate and getting prepared to eat a slice."

The hilarious YouTube video already has more than 1,117,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 15.

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