Watch Selena Gomez Take a Tumble on Stage During Concert

Selena Gomez performs at the Peterson Events Center, Oct. 11, 2013, in Pittsburgh. (Patrick R. Murphy/Getty Images)

Watch your step!

The Selena Gomez fan base (she has 16 million Twitter followers) held their collective breath when the singer took a tumble last week at the end of her concert in Fairfax, Va.

Gomez, 21, wearing a shiny outfit and knee-high boots, was jumping up and down during the song "Slow Down" and while streamers began to fly in the air, she hit the front end of the stage and fell forward.

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Don't worry fans. The lyrics of the track say, "Baby, slow down the song," but Gomez ignored those words and went right back to dancing!

Gomez is now touring through New York, then Pennsylvania and New Jersey promoting her new album. She wraps up the Stars Dance Tour at the end of November in Michigan.

A fan was able to shoot a video of the on-stage mishap. Watch below.

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