'Dancing With the Stars' 2013: Anna Trebunskaya's Take on the Finals

VIDEO: The comedian and partner Emma Slater offer their opinion on which couple will take the mirrorball.

" Dancing With the Stars" pro Anna Trebunskaya weighs in on each of the week's performances. The "DWTS" veteran knows what it takes to dazzle on the dance floor and gives her take on the dances, the choreography and the judges' scores. You can find her on Twitter @atrebunskaya.

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The opening number with Kellie Pickler's performance was sweet and cute. She's adorable. I liked the clean Jive choreography performed by the dancers. I could see myself swaying to this song, doing some country-two step, and having a good old time.

First Round: Judges' Pick Routine

Bill Engvall: The judges picked the Viennese Waltz for Bill, and this particular routine was definitely one of his best. I love the sweetness and softness of the choreography. His performance really gave that bittersweet feeling and made you all cozy inside. It's so special how this couple was able to translate their relationship into the dance floor. On the technical side, Bill missed a few timing cues and rushed through the steps. I think his arm styling was much better and his level of confidence has improved since the first time he performed this dance.

Corbin Bleu: Even the best of the best can improve. This Quickstep was a perfect example of when the judges see something, but we see something else. Despite the judges' critiques, I liked it. To me, it was just as good as the first time and even better. His posture improved this time around, but unfortunately, Corbin and Karine got out of sync and that's why the judges gave him that criticism. I still love the routine and the costumes.

Jack Osbourne: I adored Jack's Jive routine the first time, but this time around it was not as good. I'm sad about that since I love Jack and want him to do well! Usually he is so musical and graceful, but this time he totally rushed through the routine and messed up his foot work too many times, earning 8s from the judges.

Amber Riley: This Charleston was awesome! All the things that Carie-Ann worked on with Amber really showed up in the performance. This was the biggest improvement of the bunch for the Judges' Pick dance. Amber is just so stinking good! This routine was even more exciting and fun this time around. It was also the most technically perfect routine of the night. Well done!

Samba Relay

When the couples dance back to back, it becomes really clear who is a better dancer. Jack's Samba was very clean and neat, but slightly careful and almost childlike. Bill's Samba looked like my uncle dancing at the Caribbean wedding - slightly off but fun regardless. I still enjoyed their versions, but I would say that it was very close between Corbin and Amber. Corbin's was more technical and precise, but Amber's was more rhythmical and earthy. The judges decided to give first place to Corbin, but I think a lot of viewers may disagree. What do you think?

Freestyle Round

Bill Engvall: This was so clever! I loved the concept. I was smiling the whole time. A little bit of Paso and a bit of Jazz, but always cheeky and humorous. I will not go into technical critiques because why?! It's all pure joy!

Corbin Bleu: This was a perfect choice for Corbin. He looked so natural and organic in Michael Jackson's style of dancing. It had a lot of props and special effects. It was a full on Vegas production. Great entertainment! Congratulations on a job well done!

Jack Osbourne: "Pain is temporary, and glory is forever." That was my favorite phrase of the night, and comments like that make us love Jack. It's his spirit. This was a perfect ending to his "Dancing" journey: a beautiful tribute to old Hollywood that summarized everything. It was classy and sassy, charming and sweet. I'm so happy for him and proud of him. It's like he is part of my family. He's the most improved celebrity of this season. Hooray!

Amber Riley: Amber definitely wins for the best choreography of the night. (She also had my favorite costume of the night). I loved the fact that the dance was all about Amber. She was the real focal point and was the shining star of the whole piece. This could of been a music video, or a scene out of a dance movie. A brilliant performance!

The Elimination

Bill's elimination on week 11 was a huge surprise, but not for the standard reason. No one thought Bill would make it to week 11 of the competition, so at this point in the game, it was completely expected. He gave us fun, laughs, and a personality to last a lifetime.

Predicted Winner: This was a very strong finale in terms of creativity and performance. Some numbers were better in terms of dancing and some were more entertaining. My prediction on the winner is… Amber. But we will see tonight!

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