'Dancing With the Stars' 2013: Chelsie Hightower's Take on the Finals, Predicts the Underdog Will Win

VIDEO: The comedian and partner Emma Slater offer their opinion on which couple will take the mirrorball.

" Dancing With the Stars" pro Chelsie Hightower blogs on season 17 of the hit ABC show. Hightower gives her take on the dances, the judges' scores, and the eliminations. You can find her on Twitter @chelsiehightowr.

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Tonight we watched the couples compete for the last time and each one of them shined individually at one point or another. It truly was an exciting night to watch and one of the best finales "Dancing With the Stars" has ever had, in my opinion.

First Round

Bill Engvall: Bill and Emma took another shot at the Viennese Waltz. This is a very heartfelt and sweet dance. Yeah sure, it wasn't amazing; his posture, footwork and frame all need attention. But what the heck, it's the finale and that's cause for a celebration! (Cue the party music and streamers!) Great job, Billy! If nothing else, at least you have some new moves to take home to the wifey.

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Corbin Bleu: Corbin and Karina had a second chance at their quickstep. There were some great moments in this dance, but overall, I do have to agree with Carrie-Ann that there wasn't much of an improvement. His frame got funky quite a few times and unfortunately, there were several moments that just looked messy. Not Corbin's best, but fortunately for him the mirror ball has never been decided on the first round dance. There is no mercy in the freestyle round, so I'm hoping for big things from him.

Jack Osbourne: Jack danced the jive for the second time. I love to see Jack taking this so seriously! (You can see his eyebrows furled with this look of concentration during his kicks and flicks section of the dance as he tried so hard to get them right. That's worth some brownie points right there!) Unfortunately, he did get off on the timing for the first quarter of the dance and I was bummed for him. But, when he was on, he was on. He was tighter, cleaner, and more technically on point than the previous time he did it. So, well done Jack!

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Amber Riley: Amber and Derek went back to their Charleston. And happy to say, it was such an improvement from the first time! I'm glad to see Carrie-Ann worked to get their routine tighter and cleaner because that's has been one of my biggest critiques for Amber at many points of the season. This number was first class from the dancing to the sass. (And I didn't even mean to make hat rhyme.) Great job both of you!

Samba Relay

First Place: Amber and Derek. Amber had moments of greatness that were demonstrated in her technique and hip action. It wasn't perfect, but good enough for 1st place in my scoring system.

Second Place: Corbin and Karina! Corbin was consistent the whole way through and seemed to know the steps like the back of his hand. He didn't lose to Amber by much, but he was lacking some of the depth of technique that Amber showed.

Best Use of Hot Pink: Jack Osbourne. Jack had a lot going for him with that hot pink shirt, not as much going for him in the dance, but a lot going for him with the shirt. He rocked it, and he rocked it well.

MVP: Bill Engval. Bill and Emma are both valuable players because they are both so positive and kind, and every team needs at least one person who is going to bring up the morale.

Freestyle Round

Bill and Emma: At first my favorite part of this dance was Bill's celebration with fist pumps, high fives and cheering when it was finished. That was until he took his shirt off, and then that became my new favorite part. Bill, you you can hang with the best of them. It's all about the confidence man, it's all about the confidence. Bill did a good job with this dance! It was a lot of the same moves we have seen throughout the season and not particularly a revelation, but it was a very entertaining and fun dance! Bill is a rough and tough true southern gentleman, and one of the men you'd be least likely to expect to see in a ballroom. Yet here he is, in the finale of "Dancing With the Stars." He's so relatable and normal and that's why I think people like him so much. It has been exciting to see his journey. He will never be forgotten!

Corbin and Karina: WOW! This was one of my favorite freestyles of all time! From the music to the costumes to the choreography to the quality in the dancing, it was nothing short of a first-class performance! At the beginning of the season I was worried that Corbin would get stuck in his "High School Musical" shadow. While I still can't look at him without getting the song "Get'cha Head in The Game" in my head, I have to say he has conducted himself very well throughout this competition and established himself as someone with a bright future in this industry. You flew little birdy…and now you're flying. (Tear. Slow clap). But seriously, great job, Corbin! I look forward to see what you'll do next in your career.

Jack and Cheryl: I have had several favorite performances from Jack, but I have to say this was my absolute favorite! It was the perfect freestyle for him, from the style of dancing to the music to the costumes, and I always love a good wink face-camera shot. Great job to Cheryl Burke too with this dance. It's been thrilling to see Jack's enthusiasm, love for dance, and ability grow each week in his journey on the show. Jack earns my prestigious award of "Most Loved" (which I just created) because it's hard not to love him on the dance floor. He always gives his best and he is humble, genuine and downright adorable. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes home the whole thing. Here's to you, Jack!

Amber and Derek: Dang, this girl brought the fire! This was an amazing freestyle! It was original, creative, well-thought out and highlighted Amber to the upmost. Overall, Amber brought her A-game this week. She was focused, sharp, and in it to win it. This was the kind focus that I was looking for at other points in the competition where it seemed to be lacking. Still, she has done a fantastic job throughout; from the first week, where I was blown away by her natural ability, leg action, and footwork, to tonight where she demonstrated her charisma and rhythm. She has had quite the journey. She is so likeable, humble and I wish her only the best!

Predicted Winner: Jack Osbourne. If we are judging by the actual dancing, then it would be between Corbin or Amber, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for the underdog!

This season has been an exciting one, full of surprises and triumphs. I have to say the cast of celebrities has been one of my favorites. Thank you to everyone who has read this blog, I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And a big thank you to everyone who has supported and watched the show. Dancing has become something much bigger because of this show and the fans who support it. Now I feel like I'm giving an acceptance speech, so I'm going to end it there and say thanks again and goodnight! Until next time!

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