'Family Guy' Kills Brian the Dog

(Photo credit: FOX/Getty Images)

Sunday was a sad night for fans of "Family Guy," with the death of one of the cartoon's main characters.

Brian, the Griffin family's sardonic dog, died after he was hit by a car.

"Damnit Brian, you can't die," Stewie tearfully told his canine friend, as he lay dying. "We were going to do so many things together. We were going to become windsurfers. I was going to be a little better than you but we were both going to be good!"

As the family stood around him, crying, Brian opened his eyes long enough to utter his last words.

"You've given me a wonderful life. I love you all."

In a touching final scene, the family hugged after the dog shut his eyes for the last time.

(Photo credit: FOX/Getty Images)

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