Kate Bosworth Opens Up About New Family, Moving to Montana with Michael Polish

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In a matter of months, Kate Bosworth has become a new wife, new mom and resident of a new town. The actress recently moved from California to Montana with her husband, director Michael Polish, and his 15-year-old daughter, Jasper. Bosworth appears on the cover of the November issue of Los Angeles Confidential and in a candid interview, the "Blue Crush" star opened up about her new life.

Bosworth, 30, and Polish, 42, tied the knot in Philipsburg, Mont., on Aug 31. The couple met in 2011 on the set of the movie "Big Sur," where, on the first day of filming, Bosworth stripped down for her future husband.

"My first scene was a nude scene," she revealed. "They gave me the option: 'Do you want this on day two?' And I said, 'I'd rather just dive in and do it.'"

Kate Bosworth Reveals Her Wedding Gown

Good call. Shortly after shooting commenced, Polish realized there was something special about his movie's new star.

"I was timid and uncomfortable," the director recalled, "but I started to sense that I might have known this girl a long time. … I said to my AD, 'I'm going to marry this girl.'"

Bosworth echoed her husband's sentiments in the interview saying, "There's this moment where you think, I hope this is everything that I think it is, and then we both sort of looked at each other - that was the moment when you decide to really trust, where we said, 'Yes, this is it.' I feel like I've known him my whole life, and he feels like he's known me my whole life. And that's something very special that's difficult to describe without sounding like a Hallmark card."

Shortly after their nuptials, the pair moved to Montana, a state Bosworth affectionately coined "one of the last untamed territories in America."

Bosworth and Polish Have Date Night

"We'll have grizzlies roaming around," she said, describing the couple's new home. "We're on a lake, so we can just go ice-skating. It's beautiful, so as we start a family we can really create a special place there together."

Joining them is Jasper, Polish's daughter from a previous relationship.

"I've never had an older sister or brother, and she's an only child, so I feel we really understand each other in a special way," Bosworth said of her relationship with her new stepdaughter. "If I can make a positive impact on her life, that will make me incredibly happy.

"Having Jasper in my life takes me right back to being that age," she said. "It's challenging. It's a time when you're so hard on yourself, and not for a great reason, but because you haven't experienced enough to be able to understand a lot of things."

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