Britney Spears Says Having a Daughter Would Cure Her Loneliness

(Photo credit: Regan Cameron/Marie Claire)

Britney Spears is ready for a daughter.

The singer, who launches a residency in Las Vegas on Dec. 27, said in a new interview that she's hoping to add to her family in the next few years.

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"I would really like to have another baby, a girl. I think she would be like a mini-me," Spears, 33, told InStyle for its January cover. "I think it's going to be crazy. I'm not going to feel as alone in the world anymore. I'm going to feel like I have a second person, like, that's me."

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Spears, 32, has two sons, Preston, 8, and Jayden, 7, from her marriage to Kevin Federline. And like most mothers, the performer admitted that she has plenty of doubts and fears when it comes to parenting.

"As a mom, you have all these situations you go through, and you're like, 'What is going on? Is this normal? Is this a phase? Or what is this?' and then you feel silly for asking questions because you think, 'I'm a mom, I'm supposed to know these things,'" she said. "You're human. To be honest, I wish I had more mom friends."

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