Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone Juices With 2-Year-Old Son Hudson Every Morning

(Photo Credit: Ari Perilstein/Getty Images)

It doesn't get any cuter than celebrity chef Curtis Stone waking up every morning to juice with his 2-year-old son Hudson.

"The first thing he says to me [in the morning] is 'Make juice dada, make juice dada.'" Stone, 38, told ABC News while explaining his new partnership with Netflix. "We go out and pick a few things from the garden and we make fresh juice. We get kale, carrots, whatever and we make a healthy start to the day."

Stone's collaboration with the video streaming service is all about bringing Netflix into the kitchen to make holiday cooking more enjoyable. Watching Netflix and cooking just happen to be two of little Hudson's favorite things as well, especially trying to figure out how the juicer works.

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"For some reason, he's fascinated with the fact that you pot the fruit in the top and the juice dribbles out the bottom," the Food Network star explained. "He can't quite figure out how it works and he just loves it."

Stone, who married actress and Hudson's mother Lindsay Price earlier this year, said he obviously uses Netflix to watch his wife's old TV shows, while his son can't stop watching "Thomas & Friends."

"We were just back in Australia and we have trams over there," Stone said. "Since he's become such a 'Thomas' fanatic, everywhere we went he'd see a tram and he'd be like, "Thomas dada, Thomas, Thomas!"

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