Harry Styles Wins British Court Order Banning Paparazzi

ABC News' Natasha Singh reports:

A British court has banned certain paparazzi from pursuing One Direction singer Harry Styles after the teen idol argued in court that the photographers were hounding him.

Styles, 19, sought the court order as a last resort after months of unsuccessfully asking the photographers to stop following him.

The court order prevents certain unnamed paparazzi from harassing the singer by car or motorcycle. It also prevents the photographers from monitoring the British singer, placing him under surveillance or loitering within 55 yards of his home, or of taking photos of him in such circumstances.

The case reportedly involves several photographers.

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Howard Bragman, a public relations expert and ABC News consultant, said he understands the teen's situation.

"The paparazzi have a price on your head and you're hunted down like an animal," he said. "It's literally oppressive and I don't blame Harry for wanting to stop the harassment."

The paparazzi went to great lengths to capture Styles' every move.

"They wouldn't give him any space, they wouldn't give him any privacy and I really think going to court was not what he wanted to do, but it was what he had to do," Bragman said.

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Another hearing on the issue will be held in January.

Styles' fans shouldn't fear that the injunction extends to them.

"This is not a privacy injunction," Styles' attorney, David Sherbourne, said, according to the Telegraph newspaper. "Mr. Styles is not trying to prevent fans approaching him in the street and taking photos. He remains happy to do that, as he always has."

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