'Frozen' Sing-Along Arrives in Theaters

VIDEO: 9-Year Olds Amazing Rendition of Frozen Song

Credit: Disney Publicity

"Frozen" fans who have been humming the hit movie's soundtrack in their heads, or out loud, since its November release will now have a suitable outlet to belt out the lyrics.

The animated Disney movie, which tells the tale of a girl, Anna, in a race to find her sister, Elsa, in wintry, Everest-like conditions, will be re-released today as a sing-along version in more than 2,000 theaters across the U.S.

Adorable Girls Sing Hit 'Frozen' Song

A bouncing snowflake at the bottom of the movie screen will accompany the on-screen lyrics of the movie's songs, the best-known being the Oscar-nominated "Let It Go."

The movie, which features Broadway actress Idina Menzel and Hollywood stars like Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff, has been the inspiration for many YouTube videos of kids and adults alike singing the soundtrack karaoke-style.

One video in particular, of 4-year-old twins from Los Angeles singing their rendition of "Let It Go," went viral after their dad posted it on Viemo earlier this month.

"We saw the movie in the theater a few weeks ago and then my wife bought the album and we've been listening to it ever since," the girls' father, Aaron Mendez, told GoodMorningAmerica.com at the time.

"Frozen" won the Golden Globe this month for Best Animated Feature and is nominated for an Oscar in the same category. The film has grossed more than $600 million worldwide.

Moviegoers should check local listings for participating theaters and showtimes of "Frozen Sing-A-Long."

The movie is produced by The Walt Disney Co., which is parent company of ABC News.

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