Rihanna Photobombs 'Full House' Stars

Rihanna Takes on New Philanthropic Role

As if her resume weren't packed with enough accolades, Rihanna, the best-selling digital artist and first AMA Icon Award winner, stopped by " Good Morning America" today with the details of her new philanthropic endeavor with MAC Viva Glam. Did we mention that she looked as flawless as ever and knows how to photobomb like no other?

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Rihanna and all the perfection that comes with her.

Looks like this at 8 a.m.:

Pulls this face and STILL looks gorgeous:

Fixes her hair (even though it's laid for the gods) just to make the rest of us feel less self-conscious:

Knows how to photobomb like no other:

Like, really:

We are not worthy, RiRi:

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