Watch Jennifer Lawrence Freak Out Over 'Homeland' Actor and Spoiler

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Our favorite fan girl, Jennifer Lawrence, was caught gushing again, this time over "Homeland" star Damian Lewis.

Only this meeting had a downside when the reporters who introduced the two stars spoiled the third season of the show for Lawrence, who had only watched the first two seasons.

It started when Lawrence and Lewis were being interviewed by two reporters from "Access Hollywood" on opposite sides of the red carpet at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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When Lawrence spied Lewis, she went into a mini-meltdown. "I'm freaking out," the 23-year-old actress told "Access" reporter Shaun Robinson as she turned away.

That prompted Lewis to approach Lawrence, who then proclaimed, "It's like my favorite show ever!"

"Come here. Let's cuddle," Lewis said to Lawrence, embracing her.

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"Oh my God, hi," said the Oscar winner, who has gushed over Jack Nicholson and Jeff Bridges in previous encounters. "You're so great. The show is amazing. My ears are so red, aren't they?"

"You're amazing. They're the same color as my hair, that's weird," Lewis told Lawrence.

But then things quickly turned south when the reporters let drop (spoiler alert!) that Lewis' character, Nicholas Brody, had been killed on the show.

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"I'm like past mad," Lawrence said, obviously peeved at Robinson. "It's this weird other emotion. Mad isn't it."

Check out the whole encounter on video.

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