What Does Emily Maynard Think of 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo?

Having been proposed to twice on national TV and then twice having her engagements end, former "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard is no stranger to the perils of finding love on reality TV.

That is why the newly engaged mom of one says she is not even going there when it comes to guessing with which girl the new "Bachelor," Juan Pablo Galavis, will find love.

"Girl, I am not the person to ask," Maynard, 26, said today on " Good Morning America." "My gut has been wrong too many times for me to have an opinion on that."

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Maynard, who won the hand of "Bachelor" Brad Womack in season 15 of the show before splitting and starring in season eight of "The Bachelorette," does have an opinion on Galavis himself, however.

"I think that he's just the cutest thing," she said. "I've been rooting for him since Desiree's season so I just love to watch him and I think he has a really good group of girls."

When not watching "The Bachelor," Maynard is now planning her own wedding, hoping that the fourth time is the charm after becoming engaged this month to management consultant Tyler Johnson, 27.

"We were really just friends and we got to know each other," said Maynard, who was previously engaged to the late race car driver Ricky Hendrick and "Bachelorette" winner Jef Holm, in addition to Wommack.

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"We met at church," she said. "I think that's why our relationship is so good now, because we started out as friends."

The relationship also works because Johnson had, according to Maynard, never seen her on TV, even though the couple met a few months before she started filming "The Bachelorette."

"He never watched it," Maynard said. "I think that that's just a true testament to God's time and how perfect it is. I couldn't have planned it better."

Johnson himself did a good job planning out the marriage proposal to reflect the life that Maynard has built in Charlotte, N.C., with her daughter, 8-year-old Ricki.

"I went over there one morning and woke the girls up, told them I was going to cook them breakfast and kind of put them back to sleep," Johnson said on "GMA." Then [I] brought them downstairs and proposed to both her and Ricky.

"So it was really special, really simple and a lot of fun for us."

Johnson's proposal wasn't the only surprise for Maynard, a jewelry designer. He also fulfilled her request for an atypical engagement ring, a stack of bands, but went over-the-top with diamonds instead of the gold she had requested.

"He did a very good job. It was way more than I thought," Maynard said, who added she will not be designing the couple's wedding rings so as not to "jinx it."

The couple has not publicly released a wedding date but said the big day will be "soon."

In the meantime, Ricki is perhaps the most excited of all for her mom's new engagement.

"She is so excited. She wakes up saying, 'Where's Tyler?'" Maynard said. "I mean, she already has her wedding guest list, already wondering when I get pregnant if she gets to skip school.

"She's already working this thing."

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