Gracie Gold Accepts Prom Date Offer: 'I Would Love To'

VIDEO: High School Boy Asks Gracie Gold to Prom

Well, it's official.

Dyer Pettijohn, the Malibu High School student who had the courage and clever gumption to ask Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold to prom in an adorable now-viral YouTube video, better dust off his dress shoes and start searching for the perfect tux. Because she said yes.

During an interview with "Extra" Wednesday night, Gold was shocked when she was greeted by a surprise guest, Dyer, 17, walking toward her with a large bouquet of flowers.

"Gracie, would you go to prom with me?" the blond-haired super fan asked again, this time face-to-face with Sochi's sweetheart.

"If it works out, I would love to," Gold, 18, politely responded.

"I am so happy that she has been so nice about everything, especially since she didn't know I was surprising her," Dyer wrote to "She is just as nice and kind (and gorgeous) on and off camera. She is a really down to Earth person."

Dyer had already won Gold's attention earlier this week with his video, which has more than 120,000 views since being posted Feb.23, where he lists his reasons the Olympic athlete would be the perfect date for him at his upcoming prom in California May 16.

"This melted my heart," Gold tweeted Feb. 24 in response to his original plea.

"You're gorgeous, and my mom thinks I'm pretty," he began in his witty video.

"You're an Olympic athlete, I made varsity," he said while wearing his track uniform casually running down the street.

"I live at the beach, you live at the beach," he added, clearly on the beach.

"We're both blonde, 5-foot-something and graceful on the ice," he said during his wobbly attempt in the rink.

"This would be the perfect end to my high school career, and make my living dreams come true."

And now, Dyer's dreams have officially been answered, which means he should probably start practicing his impressive dance moves.

(Photo Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

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