'Scandal' Returns But Stars Tight-Lipped on New Episodes

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"Scandal" fans, rejoice!

After what seemed like an eternity, Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope and the entire gang return for the second half of the show's third season tonight on ABC.

Bellamy Young, who plays first lady Mellie Grant on the series, said she can't believe what's happening on the show, and is surprised by where creator Shonda Rhimes and the writers are taking the show.

"Every single table read has been absolutely jaw-dropping," Young told ABC News Radio. "I mean, we've had to just sort of like sit still and hold our heads in our hands and like collect ourselves. I can't even leave the table after the table reads. These back nine are insane!"

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"Scandal" is set to pick up after Vice President Sally Langston, played by Kate Burton, killed her husband after he told her he's leaving to live as an openly gay man. Thursday night's episode, entitled "Ride, Sally, Ride," will deal with the aftermath of the fatal stabbing.

"Is she gonna leave our administration? She's gonna run on her own against Fitzgerald Grant [played by Tony Goldwyn] for, you know, to be the president of the United States, which is just evil, horrible, sinister, so … mayhem!" Young said. "We jump right in on mayhem and Mellie is just trying to lock it all down, get it under control."

Joe Morton, who portrays Olivia Pope's terrifying father Rowan Pope on "Scandal," remained mum on what his character is doing in part two of season three.

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Last season, Morton's character was ousted as the head of the secret U.S. spy agency, B613. Now, he has to answer to Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley, who has taken over the position.

When asked earlier this year at the Television Critics Association winter press tour what's next for his character, Morton told ABC News Radio, "I can't tell you."

However, Morton did say that the show will continue to keep viewers hooked. [I]t sort of supports exactly what Shonda Rhimes has been doing, I think, for a long time, this ability to write some wonderful, wonderful television; keep it not only poignant but keep it entertaining," he said.

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Young can sympathize with eager "Scandal" fans, telling ABC News Radio she knows that the wait has been tough. Still, she's personally O.K. with it, because she prefers not to binge on shows.

"I like anticipation. I like looking forward to it," she said. "Like, if it's over too soon … I can't pace myself, is what I'm saying. So it's good structure for me; I like it."

"Scandal" returns to ABC tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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