#HaveYouSeenThis Couple? Campaign Aims to Find Lovers on a Train

VIDEO: Justin Timberlake Searches for Mystery Couple

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo reports:

Justin Timberlake is a man on a mission. Using his new music video for "Not a Bad Thing," Timberlake is looking to find two mystery lovebirds who got engaged on a Long Island Railroad train this past January.

The romantic proposal reenacted in the video shows a man blasting Timberlake's song out of a boombox - much like the iconic John Cusack scene from "Say Anything" where he held up a boombox playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

It turns out the music video was the brainchild of two documentary filmmakers who heard about the proposal and are now trying to track down the couple.

The filmmakers said they want to find the unidentified railroad romantics to feature them in a documentary about finding love, and they've mounted a social media campaign around the hashtag #haveyouseenthiscouple, even going so far as to put up flyers.

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They're even hitting the airwaves to get the word out. In an interview on Z-100, a radio station, they said they were inspired by what the woman's boyfriend did and how hard it is to find love in a big city, such as New York.

"We know they were on the Babylon line. So we're looking for all those towns along the Babylon line," they said.

Still, the video has raised suspicions. While several people say they witnessed the proposal, many are wondering if it was staged from the start as part of an elaborate marketing ploy for the song. Timberlake's reps had no comment.

"We're seeing more and more musicians don't really feel the need to do the traditional marketing," said David Griner, Adweek's social editor. "So I'm sure it is not 100 percent true."

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