Kevin Bacon Recreates 'Footloose' Dance, and It's Magical

Three decades after "Footloose," Kevin Bacon is still dancing to his own beat.

Bacon appeared on "Tonight Show" Friday, railing against the talk show's imaginary dancing ban with a shot-for-shot recreation from his 1984 movie, vintage outfits included.

The segment opened when host Jimmy Fallon discussed the "no-dancing" decree before introducing Bacon to the stage. Fallon walked to the open curtain, waiting.

Bacon stewed on his dressing room sofa. "Dancing is illegal?" he said, stunned.

No, there has to be dancing. So he pulled a cassette tape out of his pocket, popped it into the player and ran his fingers through his hair while the song "Never" started playing.

Bacon puffed his cigarette and swigged from a bottle before hurling it in anger, just as his character Ren McCormack did in the movie's warehouse scene.

The dancing continued through the "Tonight Show" hallways, with McCormack … um, Bacon shimmying and shaking as he removed his sweatshirt, leaving the office workers swooning.

The gymnastics bars followed. And then Bacon, wearing a bow-tie and maroon suit, emerged to shout his line: "let's dance!" And so they did, the dancers following Bacon onto the "Tonight Show" stage. Fallon ripped up the decree as confetti rained down, the 1980s dance party still going strong.

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