Kristen Bell: 'Frozen' Star Goes Back to 'Mars'

VIDEO: The actress talks about crowd funding with Kickstarter to get the "Veronica Mars" movie made.

Fans have waited nearly six years, and now "Veronica Mars" is back, this time on the big screen.

Kristen Bell is back too, starring in the highly-anticipated feature film continuation of the TV series about the teen private eye that went off the air in 2007, despite its wildly devoted fan base of followers who call themselves "marshmallows."

The immense fan interest on social media led the show's creator, Rob Thomas, to launch a campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in March 2013, seeking $2 million in donations to fund the film. The campaign not only met that goal in less than a day, but broke records with fans donating $5.7 million.

"It's the best," Bell explained on "Good Morning America" today of how her fans rallied to make their wishes a reality. "I've wanted to make a movie since the day the show was cancelled. And I always felt, for some weird reason in my bones, that it would happen.

"And I hate to say, 'I told you so,'" she added, "but I did know it."

Bell, 33, was "floored" by the power social media played in creating the new "Veronica Mars" film, debuting in theaters March 14.

"Our fans have always been unbelievable and we knew that, but I think they proved that to the world," she said. "I thought we could make our goal in a month, but I had no idea they would triple the goal within the month. I had no idea that the fans wanted it that badly and we're ultimately flattered to be involved in this project that so many people want to see."

With such a voracious social media fan following, Bell was the perfect candidate to help "GMA" officially launch our brand new social space, Social Square.

"It's pretty rad," Bell said of the completely interactive room. "It definitely wakes you up. Lots of communication going around, which is good."

Bell was the very first celebrity guest to answer a fan's Instagram video question live on air, naming Audrey Hepburn, Malcolm Gladwell and Richard Pryor as the three people, alive or dead, she'd love to have dinner with.

In addition to the busy life Bell leads in front of the public eye, there is also a mission she and husband, Dax Shepard, are championing behind the scenes as well called the "The No Kids Policy Movement."

"After having a baby we realized how ridiculous it is that our children are roped into this paparazzi issue because they're extremely aggressive on the street and they run red lights around schools, and they push people over to get pictures of celebrity kids," Bell explained. "I just had had it and I wanted to start a public conversation because I think people look at pictures of children because they like children and they wouldn't want to see those pictures if they knew how they were negatively affected."

To that end, "Good Morning America" and all of ABC News will not be using photos of celebrity's children taken without their parent's permission.

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